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Adina Mills’ creations have blurred the lines between Art and Fashion for over a decade, embodying the striking juxtaposition that can occur between the urban and organic worlds. Combining carefully selected gemstones with unique settings and materials, Adina’s work reflects her unparalleled aesthetic and couture eye.   The “chic meets bohemian” pieces are all hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind, as unique as the individual who wears them. 


Adina began creating her standout wearable art over fifteen years ago. Her curiosity and artistic drive led to an exploration, and in turn, a pioneering of an entirely new jewelry medium and aesthetic that is now the signature element of all of her creations.

Throughout the brand’s growth, Adina’s pieces have made their way from a niche product to a high-fashion staple, loved and worn by celebrities such as Erykah Badu, Katy Perry, Lily Tomlin, Lena Dunham, Pink, Bjork, among others, carried by premier boutiques, and seen on shows such as Grace & Frankie and The Voice.

More than a decade after its inception, the Adina Mills collection continues to expand…one crystal at a time.






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Important Information About the Jewelry Pieces:

All pieces are formed by hand by the artist.

These pieces are Art first, jewelry second.

These pieces are not like plastic or metal jewelry, and should be worn with extra care, consideration, and LOVE.


Rings are formed by hand and therefore are not perfect circles, size is the best and closest approximation after viewing the ring on the ring sizer, bottom of the bands are left raw to sustain durability given the painted setting.


(If worn without care, ie. left on while bathing or swimming, worn next to other pieces of jewelry that will knock into it, not held close to the body when leaning over or bending causing it to potentially knock into a hard surface, the painted finish may break down much faster than from natural wear and tear, and may cause the stones to break, crack, chip, etc.  Stones cannot be repaired, so handle and wear with care! Although the clay/polymer/resin is extremely durable it can still crack under extreme duress. Repairs are available for a small fee. )

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