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Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read through some information regarding some frequently asked questions about the Adina Mills collections:


Adina Mills is the sole artist and creator of the Adina Mills jewelry line.  Adina hand makes each and every piece of jewelry. All of the pieces are hand sculpted using a proprietary industrial strength clay blend (very lightweight).  No metal is used in the settings of the pieces.  The only metals used are the chains and clasps.


New pieces are added weekly/bi-weekly.  Please shop the site at your convenience.  

{PLEASE NOTE: The format of monthly collection "drops" is paused at this time and new pieces are added on a weekly and bi-weekly basis.  "Limited Edition" Series pieces will also be available on a rolling basis.  These are multiples of a design.  They will all look the same, although the stones and settings may have slight variations because they are handmade and stones are unique.}  

RETURNS and DAMAGES:  We want you to be happy with your Adina Mills pieces, therefore we are happy to offer returns on a case by case basis.  We accept returns within 2 weeks of purchase, and a full refund will be issued minus the original shipping fee.  We offer repairs for damaged items.  Some repairs require a small fee.

Shipping commences every Wednesday.


The Member section on the site allows for a faster checkout, there is no additional fee, this is purely for convenience at checkout.  If you would like to become a member to speed along your checkout, you can go to the Member section on the website and fill out your information in advance.  The only catch is that you cannot pre-fill your credit card information.  Your credit card information will be captured and saved to your Member profile only after your first purchase.  After completing your first purchase all following purchases will use the saved info from your Member profile, making it a speedy checkout.


All you have to do is send a text (with anything in the message) to 760-284-5416 and you will be automatically added to the Text alerts.  We only send texts in regards to Collection info with occasional additional texts regarding discounts, updates, and personal messages from Adina.  You will not be bombarded with texts and you can opt out at any time!


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